Monday, May 14, 2007

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Two years ago I had a little boy in my kindergarten class who struggled with some issues. Even though there were times when it was, to say the least, trying I found that he had a BIG heart. I remember there were times when he didn't get to have those "special" things others were able to have. That was the year the tsunami hit Indonesia. Our school collected pennies and loose change. The week of the collection this boy lost a tooth and gave his tooth fairy money to the Tsunami Fund.

Last week I was out of school on Tuesday and when I returned on Wednesday I found this book on my desk with a note that said this same boy had returned it and really liked it. Well, a few days later I saw him in the hallway and let him know that he returned the book to the wrong person. He said that he knew that. He had read the book, really liked it and thought I might want to read it! How could I say no, that I am too busy.

I started the book last night and am looking forward to returning it and having a discussion about Jeremy Thatcher with this little boy!

take care,

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've been tagged!

Debi tagged me a while ago and I'm late in answering. 7 things you didn't know about me!~

1. I am such a picky eater that I don't like my foods to touch!

2. When I get really angry about something I cry.

3. Rich and I joke that "our song" is the Chicken Dance LOL!

4. I learned to play the guitar when I was 12 years old. I sat on my great grandmother's front porch for weeks and weeks learning to play Take Me Home Country Roads.

5. I can't swim (even though I live on Cape Cod) and I am very scared to be over my head in the water.

6. I don't like driving fast and I am afraid to drive in the city

7. I have had a glass eye since I was 22 months old.

I am tagging Beverly and Nancy and Mackenzie (via her mother :) )

take care,

I am taking too long between posts!

This is such a hard time of year for me. School keeps me busy until the last day! We've had a lot going on. I spent my "spare" time putting together a power point presentation for the parent night we had at school. I had a long day that day! I was there from 6:30 in the morning until 8 that night. The end of the school year is fast approaching and the amount of work of work to get done is great!

I've also been going to physical therapy (where I need to be in an hour and a half!) for my sciatica. I only have 5 more appointments left before my insurance runs out! Today I went to the doctor for my 6 month blood pressure, cholesterol check up and things are going well on that part. I do need to loose weight. (There's a surprise LOL!!!)

I have a big project I PROMISED I'd do for a fellow teacher that I need to get done ASAP! I also have a couple of stamping and scrapbooking club projects to do.

Rich and Timmy went camping last weekend and I had a day to myself. I caught up on my sleep (oh, how I love my sleep!) and worked on some knitting projects.

My friend's daughter is having a baby next month and I am trying to finish up a blanket for her. I went to a yarn store and saw a blanket that I liked but they would only give me the pattern if I bought the yarn. I already had the yarn that I wanted. I came home and tried to recreate the pattern. I think I figured it out. (It was pretty simple). I am almost 1/4 done! I also started a sweater for Mackenzie that I want to give her for her birthday. I think I have enough time for that :)

I have also been spending way too much time with my dentist!! I have an appointment tomorrow to start my 12th! (Yes, 12th!) crown.

Hopefully when school is over and I'm done with all of these appointments I have, I'll have time to spend here.

take care,