Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For school supply shopping that is! I went to Staples and bought my teacher allotment just can't believe all the money I saved. I guess saved isn't' the best word because I wouldn't have bought this much to begin with. I should say, I can't believe how little money this cost me. I even went back to another store yesterday and bought more.

It saddens me to see how the schools are forced to cut so much each and every year. When I can find deals like this for my classroom I am thrilled. I remember two years ago there were no pencils left to be found. Glue sticks are like gold! I ask each child to bring almost nothing! During the course of the year I might ask for tissue, paper towels etc., but no child has to send in supplies.

Take care,

Monday, July 09, 2007

Driveway Rage!

The house next to us is a summer home and the neighbors don't come down too often. This weekend they did and our neighbor brought her grandson with her. Timmy has been waiting almost a year for Donald to come play with him. They spent a lot of time playing together the last few days and having a good time. Yesterday they were racing down the gravel driveway and poor Timmy fell.

Now comes the bad mommy part of the story. I heard the door open and deathly wailing! My first reaction is to say, "Timmy, calm down!" He is, shall we say, very dramatic when he is hurt. Unbeknownst to me he was accompanied into the house (I was in another room) by the neighbor who must think I'm just the worst mother, reprimanding my son for crying, when he was obviously in pain!

When I finally calmed him down enough to listen I had to convince him to hop in the bathtub. The scrape was just too BIG to wash down. Oh, they must have heard the crying miles away. It was quite the show! I know it had to hurt him and in real life his leg looks awful!! (worse than the picture) His knee was just recovering for a fall on the patio the week before.

Rich had just come home from camping and miraculously enough Timmy's wound earned him a trip to Toys R Us with dad.

I feel badly for the poor boy. I know how much his leg must have stung. Twenty four hours later and he is on the mend.

take care,

What color are you?

You Are A Gold Girl

You're dependable and hard working. You never miss a deadline - and you're never late.
You have a clear sense of right and wrong. You're very detail oriented.
You get frustrated when your friends are sloppy - or when they don't follow through.
You're on top of things, and you wish that everyone else was!

I found this on Debi's blog.
So....what color are you?

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Saturday, July 07, 2007


One of the ladies on the OT board at 2peas suggested we take 7 pictures today in honor of 7-7-07. I decided to add another 7 theme to it. Every picture has something to do with the number seven. I took each picture today.

The first picture I took is of my car. I have made 7 car payments on it so far. :)

I bought some wooden plant barrels and thought I would get some flowers for them and I ended up spending $70 at the grocery store for these flowers.

This is my house. If you count the two bathrooms, it has seven rooms.

This is Timmy. He is the 7th (and last) grandchild of my mother's.

Mackenzie and her Uncle Tim are 7 years apart in age.

I just knit this purse this weekend and it is 7" long.

And....last but not least. This is Brittainy just about 7 weeks pregnant, due in just over 7 months.

take care,

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

God Bless the USA

Happy 4th of July!!

take care,

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday Madness

I found this on Stacy's blog, that I found from Debi's blog LOL!


1. Do you do your own laundry or do you send it out? Ha! I always do it myself!
2. Do you laundry at your home or a laundromat? At home. When I was a younger we always went to a laundromat. I'm so glad those days are over!
3. Are there certain articles of clothing that you need to have dry-cleaned on a regular basis? Not on a regular basis. I do have some dry clean only clothes sitting in the trunk of my car that I need to drop off.
4. How often do you do laundry? Is there a certain day of the week that you consider "laundry day?" I usually do it on the weekend. I like to start the school week with my clothes all cleaned. Sometimes I do it when the urge strikes.
5. Do you iron your clothes as you pull them out of the dryer or do you wait until just before you wear the clothing to iron? I try to pull them out to avoid ironing. I do like my clothes without wrinkles!
6. Do you hang your clothes outside to dry or do you dry them in a dryer? I use the dryer. We took the clothesline down a few years ago when we did some work in the yard and it never went back up.
7. Do you own things that need to be hand-washed or do you try to avoid buying things that you can't wash in the washing machine? I have some socks that I knitted that need to be hand washed. That's about it.

take care,

Monday, July 02, 2007

What a great boook!

My OT message board on 2Peas has started a book club. This was our book for July. I started it a few days ago and really liked it! On Saturday Timmy went to Britt's and Rich went camping. I was thrilled to have the day to myself! I spent the whole day reading this book. I couldn't put it down! My friend Beverly was reading it at the same time. Several times during the day she would call me to see what page and I was on and we had many "OMG" conversations about what we had read. I was going to put the book down and do something "more constructive" with my time but I couldn't! I ended up finishing the book that night! I have never read a Jodi Picoult book before. Last night I ended up ordering three more books. I can't wait to read them!

take care,