Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've been a bad blogger

Friday morning Timmy woke up feeling a bit under the weather so I kept him home from school. I was already to go so I ran to school to drop of my plans for my sub. On the way home my car all of a sudden became so LOUD! I had an appointment for yesterday to get an oil change so I had the dealership look at it. I needed about $1200 worth of repairs on my 12 year old car. I didn't want to put that kind of money into it so I bought a new car! Ten years ago I bought a used Saturn (2 years old) and it lasted me 10 years. I guess I got my moneys worth.

I hope this new one serves me just as well :)

So, this is my new baby!!! What do you think!

take care,



Nancy James said...

Dawn your new car is GORGEOUS!
love that color - and I think 10 years for the old car was a good running! Happy NEW car!

debi said...

Wow,'s a beauty! Enjoy!