Friday, May 08, 2009

Poor Kenzie

Poor Mackenzie! I was talking to Britt on the phone about two and a half weeks ago and in the middle of our conversation she had to hang up because Mackenzie was crying. Britt called back later to tell me that Mackenzie fell and hurt her elbow. Later that day she ended up taking her to the hospital and the doctors told her that they believe Mackenzie fractured her elbow. They weren't quite sure so they set up an appointment at Children's Hospital in Boston and she came home hours later with a purple cast on her arm. She has to keep in on for three weeks. She goes back next week to have it off. She has been doing just fine with the cast. It doesn't even seem to bother her.

What a little trooper she is. I, of course, had to stop by and bring her presents! That's what Grandma's are for!!

I was at Brittainy's the other day and Mackenzie was sitting at the table rolling playdough out with her casted arm and she did just fine!

None of my children (knock on wood) or myself have ever broken anything. Well, I take that back. I've broken my teeth many times.

take care,


Beverly said...

Isn't it wonderful how resilient children are? And, just imagine. We used to be the same. ;-)

Give Mackenzie a big hug. And, go buy her another present.

Debi said...

Oh no, the poor little sweetheart! And oh my goodness, how she's grown! I'm so glad she's taking it all in stride.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I hope Mackenzie is feeling better. Tell her she looks very pretty with her cast and she's acting very grown up about the whole thing! I'm amazed!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful child. Isnt that just like a woman to find more than one use for something. Next thing you know she will be rolling out piecrust... Take care and I have missed your blog. Darrell

jeanne said...

Good morning Dawn, I am so happy to see you this am. Poor little Mackenzie, but you are right, kids just keep going, thank goodness. Ashley, my GD, did the same thing and broke her arm. It was bad and required surgery. I cried like a grandma and she did great. I suffered more than she did. lol

This will be a very busy week with company. Forgive me if you don't see me everyday. Today it is dark and dreary and pouring. Our friends are traveling from FL. in the rain. sigh.

Happy Mother's Day Dawn.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

I know how she feels I broke my arm not long ago myself the humerus, ohhh that was soo painful,they didn't put a cast on just a sling much like Mackenzie's.
She looks like a trouper tho, give her a hug for me!

litanyofbritt said...

she wants to keep the cast on for "a lot of days" because her "arm is cracked" and it hurts without the cast.
it will be great fun when they pull out the saw...

Neabear said...

Oh my! My daughter chose purple for her cast one time when the doctor thought she broke her wrist.
It wasn't broken after all. So then the cast came off.