Sunday, July 05, 2009

How did you spend your 4th?

We usually have a very low key fourth! This year I invited Britt, Jay and the kids over for a cookout and as usual I cooked way too much for everyone! We had burgers, hot dogs, sweet italian sausage, and thick steaks, potato salad and corn on the cob. The weather was beautiful. It was a nice change after all the rain and cool weather we've had.

Later in the evening, after Britt and family went home, we opened our IBC diet root beer and watched the Boston Pops on TV. I know, a rowdy family we are LOL! I love watching the pops. My favorite part is the patriotic sing along! It reminds of me of school. Every day after the Pledge of Allegiance we sing a patriotic song. I also teach my class the sign language for them. I love hearing the families tell me that their child tries to teach them. I often wonder if any of them through the years watch the Pops and think about learning those songs in kindergarten.

While the show was on Tim drew a quick little flag that he designed. He said it had one star in the middle and 49 stars around it. That way wherever you lived you could think that the big star was for your state since everyone loves thier own state!

I hope you all enjoyed the time with your family and friends. I know we did!

take care,


Beverly said...

We had a quiet day at home, too. Our son and grandson came for dinner, and then spent the night with us. They lit a few fireworks in our driveway. Today they have gone to see Transformers.

We had hotdogs with chili and coleslaw, baked bean casserole, corn on the cob, green beans, sweet potato salad, sliced cucumbers and chips. We had red velvet cupcakes for dessert - and we also had watermelon and Cracker Jacks. We're all still full today.

We always watch Boston Pops, too.

Smilingsal said...

You're such a teacher! School's out, and you're thinking, thinking, thinking of what? School, that's what! I used to do that too. It took a couple of years of retirement before I stopped doing it, and every now and again, I have a flashback! (I do miss the classroom.)

I think that Tim wants to live in Texas!

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
It sounds like you had a very nice 4th of July with your family. That is very special.

We made an appetizer to pass and went down the beach to a picnic with friends. The weather was FINALLY just gorgeous and we sat outside and had hamburgers and hotdogs and all kind of goodies. It was a lovely day..

I like the flag Tim made...very thoughtful...
hope today was good too..

Lorrie said...

Happy July 4 Dawn! I think quiet family celebrations are the very best kind. I just love Tim's flag--the idea behind it is great--he's a clever boy.

Debi said...

Your 4th sounds absolutely perfect to me! Glad you all had such a fun, relaxing day, Dawn!

And tell Tim, I think his flag absolutely rocks!

Neabear said...

That is a cute picture Tim drew. I like his thinking there. I posted a comment on his blog. I hope he finds it.