Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Do you hear those bells?

It is the school bells ringing for the start of a new year. That's right. I head back to school today. It is hard to believe that my summer vacation is over. Where did the time go?

To celebrate the Labor day weekend and my last hurrah, we invited Britt, Jay and the kids over for a cookout on Saturday.

Jack was his usual happy go lucky self. Here he is eating a cupcake. I cropped the picture so you wouldn't have to see the hot dog, corn and chocolate frosting all mixed together. You can see by the look on his face that it didn't bother him a bit LOL!

Mackenzie doesn't like getting her picture taken so she hid her eyes so I couldn't see her LOL!

I spent my day yesterday trying to get ready to head back to school today. It seems like there was so much to do. I am happy to report that all the laundry has been washed, dried, folded put away and ironed. I even started to clear the basement a bit. That is a job I wanted to do this summer but I kept putting it off.

Well, be thinking of me sitting at meetings today.

take care,


Tracy said...

Hope today goes well, Dawn...after the long summer break I'm sure this week will be finding the balance again--LOL! Such sweeties here...look at them...adorable! :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Lorrie said...

Have a great first day Dawn. The summer did fly by didn't it? I love the picture of Jack--what a sparkle in his eyes!

Beverly said...

You already know that I'm thinking of you. I imagine you are in your room now. I know you always go early. So many young lives have been blessed by having you as their teacher.

Have a wonderful day one, dear friend.

Darlene said...

Jack is just too cute!!!! I bet if it is all meetings today, it will seem like a long day. Hope you get settled back in quickly to the school routine. Ours have been in session since Aug. 19th and tonight is a parent meeting.

Debi said...

Your grandbabies are too dang cute!!!

Hope today goes quickly and smoothly! Gotta admit that back-to-school time always makes me so very, very sad. :(

jeanne said...

Hi Dawn, Back in school and you sound happy about it. I know it is a very demanding job but I also think you love teaching. I am thinking of you Dawn and so happy to see you posting again.

Jack is so adorable and Mackenzie is getting camera shy. I have some pics of my grands with a face like Jacks. Love those messy faces.

Hope your day went perfectly.


SmilingSally said...

Summer is never long enough.

Those grandbabies are growing so fast!

Have a good year; I know your class will.

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Oh the little ones have grown. I wouldn't even recognize Jack he has changed much and isn't looking like a baby but a real little boy...he is so cute. I can't say the same about MacKenzie because she's "hiding". *s*..
I don't know where the summer went either...do you think its still around the corner? I hope so. I sure hope we have a nice winter...all of us...and that it doesn't come for a while

hope you had a good day at school. My work at the College has been incredibly hectic...our campus is is really growing...and the work too.

have a great day !