Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Philip Jr.

We did it! Philip Jr. joined our family today! We are hoping that Philip Jr. will have many years with us. If we can make it past the week mark I will feel pretty good. Last winter when Philip (the original) died we made three failed attempts to replace him! Each time our new family member "expired" within days. The first sign was the white specks on him. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, send positive thoughts...we'll take it all!

Timmy thought that by naming this fish Philip Jr. it would bring good luck since Philip lived for so long. Let's hope this guy has some spunk!

The clerk at the pet store said that beta fish aren't as "hardy" as they used to be because the demand for them is so large that they are being bred at a speedy rate. I did find out that they have a three day "replacement" policy if needed! Oh how I hope not!

Updated to say he made it through the night! And, unlike the fish that died, this one is actually eating. I took a better pic today so I updated Philip's picture as well. Keep those positive thoughts coming :)

take care,


Beverly said...

Good luck and long life to Philip, Jr.

marcia said...

Long live Philip Jr. :)

debi said...

Be strong, Philip Jr.!

Great photo, Dawn! I've been trying for many years to get a good picture of Pickle, our goldfish. Still no luck.

Dawn said...

Debi I couldn't get a good one either. Yesterday I took his bowl outside on the deck and got this one :)

Nancy James said...

welcome Philip!