Monday, July 31, 2006

Are you a dreamer?

By that I mean do you dream? I have several dreams a night that I can recall. Sometimes they are trivial and other times they stay with me for days! I have in the past had dreams over and over again only to find out that they come true!

I have other dreams that are about the houses I have grown up in and other family houses. These dreams I have had repeatedly and they have happened for more years than I can recall. I always dream about "secret" rooms full of treasures. One of the houses ( I lived in this one) I dream about has a room that is really a store with thousands of trinkets in it! The other house is my paternal grandmothers house. There is also a room that has tables and tables full of things you might find at an antique store.

Then I have dreams about houses that are so full of evil I can feel it in my dreams? I wonder if dreaming about houses is symbolic for my feelings of security. Any armchair interpreters out there?

take care,


debi said...

Wow Dawn, that is so interesting! The non-evil dreams sound so fun. I'll bet there are people out there who could have a field day interpretting all those dreams! I almost never remember dreaming anymore...maybe it's just that my sleep is so fractured. Used to remember my dreams a lot more. I still remember the morning I woke up (probably 20 years ago), knowing that you dreamed in color because I could so vividly recall these yellow chairs in my dream. Dreams are just fascinating stuff, aren't they?
And here's wishing you nothing but the good kind from now on!

Nancy James said...

I always find that my dreams that are frightening is when I am having very stressful times in my life. The good dreams come without warning. I loathe the dreams where you wake up scared to death.