Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Movies from Your Movie Collection

1. It's a Wonderful Life
2. Radio
3. Forrest Gump
4. It
5. Groundhog Day
6. Simon Birch
7. Big Chill
8. Imitation of Life
9. The Others
10. Harry Potter

I'm sure if I were to do this is another few weeks, the list would change ? How about you? What are your favorite movies?

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debi said...

You've got some great movies on that list. And some I've never seen...so I just picked up some good recommendations. Thanks!
I saw Groundhog Day many years ago, and I totally hated it! But so many people seem to really love that movie. I wonder if I should give it another shot...maybe I was just in a really bad mood or something when I saw it.