Thursday, July 06, 2006

Look what Brittainy did!!

I've been trying to convince Brittainy to try scrapbooking. Bless her disorganized heart, paper scrapping just isn't for her...BUT....I knew she would like digi scrapping. While she was here today I showed her how to do it. Here's what she made:

The kit is Summer Lovin from Plain Digital Wrapper.

Here's the other one she did all by herself.

The background is from ShelbyDesignShoppe and the ribbons and freedom circle are from Leah Riordan (mommyish designs) the beaded word and beads are from Gina Miller's blog.

I just emailed Brittainy a few links for free digi kits to get her started. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with. Now, I'm going to be a good mom and have these printed for her :)

take care,


Beverly said...

Way to get Brittainy and Dawn. And, you certainly do have a charming subject.

Nancy said...

Dawn~ these are too cute!
Mackenzie is adorable!

debi said...

Hey, Brittainy's a natural! But then, she had a great teacher, huh? (And it truly doesn't hurt to have such adorable photos to start with, does it?)