Monday, April 02, 2007

My new present to myself

Remember that post about self's back LOL~! Actually I have been waiting for what seems like weeks for the yarn swift (pic on the left) to come in. I also ordered the ball winder. I ordered them from KnitPicks and it seems there are only a few left already! When I called Friday they weren't ready to order. It's a good thing they are now on their way because WEBS is having a HUGE yarn sale and I just bought tons to make Christmas presents. All my friends who read this act surprised LOL!

Speaking of KnitPicks I have my Options knitting needles and hope to use them this week to start my next project. Several of the girls in the knitting club have them now.

Last night I finished one of my green socks and now I can use the needles to start the second of the white lace socks. I can't wait to wear those!

So much little time :)

take care,


Debi said...

O.K., I get the ball winder, but what on earth is that other thing?
You're just knitting up a storm these days, aren't you?

Ingrid said...

Oh My Goodness!!!
need I say more????

I'll try not to let the 'green monster' roar his nasty head LOL!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

looks like a fun new tool (and so unusual too) :) have fun with it Dawn!