Saturday, April 07, 2007

My yarn stash

I ordered some yarn this week (can't resist a sale!) and it all arrived on Thursday. I've also got four more hanks from a friend who ordered some for me. I have a lot of knitting ahead of me I guess.

Last night I started another pair of clogs and finished them tonight. Tomorrow morning I will felt them. I am waiting for my yarn swift and winder before I start a project with this yarn.

Oh and Debi, that first picture of the yarn swift is what you put a hank of yarn on so you can wind in into a ball (actually it isn't quite a ball shape). It kind of takes the place of begging someone you love to hold the yarn between their two hands for an extended period of time! Rich will be thankful. I thought about asking him, but decided I could just wait until it is delivered this week!

Take care,

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Debi said...

Oh my...look at all that gorgeous yarn! And thanks for the info. I'll bet the hubby isn't upset about the money spent on that one, huh? lol