Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bunnies for the bunch

I got a free issue of Creative Knitting in the mail and there was a pattern for these lop eared bunnies. I made the purple one for Mackenzie and a blue one for Jack (who is due in 6 days) for their Easter baskets. Timmy saw me making Jack's and put an order in for two...a blue and green one. I told him that I would be leaving the Easter bunny a note asking him not to leave bunnies this year because I made some :)

When I made the first bunny I noticed (before the ears) that it would make a perfect gingerbread man. That's on my list of things to make as well.

Mackenzie has a love for octopuses and she's been talking to Britt about a green octopus. I made her this for a little gift when Jack is born. It really is green the color of my pic is off.

I also made a sweater for Mackenzie that I finished earlier this week. It's a bit big but she will grow into it.

Right now I am making a hooded sweater for her. I just have to knit the sleeves and it will be done.

Most of my vacation has been spent knitting and watching Lost :) At least I have something productive to show for it.

take care,


~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! When I first read that title, I thought it said "bunnies for *lunch*"!! They are adorable. And I am glad they are for the *bunch*. ;-)

Debi said...

Holy moly, have been busy with the needles, huh? I can't even pick a favorite, everything's so dang cute! You really make me want to grab my knitting needles and see if I remember a darn thing about how to use them.