Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tim and Dexter

Yesterday Rich brought Dexter to Britt's house while I was at school. Yesterday morning Britt posted this on my Facebook page.

it's 8:45 am and the dogs have been banished to the porch already. first dexter peed on my floor and jack slipped in it, then writhed around in the puddle in apparent agony, getting the pee in his hair and pj's and requiring an immediate sink shower. then the dogs were playing on the couch and i was all "damn dogs get off my couch!" and dexter jumped off and peed in a pile of blankets. now the dogs are on the porch where they are making a nest in the porch blankets. tell tim i want his head ready when you get here. *evil, slightly psychotic grin*

Britt promised Tim a noogie for every time Dexter peed in her house LOL!

Today we take him to the vet for a check up and to get (I hope) a lot of my questions answered.

After the vet appointment I need to get back to school for a concert Tim is having. By the time that's over it will be about 7:00 and we'll need to grab dinner. I don't know if I will get a chance to visit or not. BUSY BUSY BUSY is my day today.

take care,


Beverly said...

So, if Dexter is your new son, that makes Britt his older sister. I just am not seeing the family resemblance. ;-)

Sam said...

Tim looks super happy!!!

Neabear said...

I do have to say, Tim and Dexter do look sooo cute together. How can you get mad at such a cute pooch?

Shelia said...

Oh, Dawn, I'm sorry, but I'm laughing! Dogs and pee go together! Dexter will get it down soon enough and will go outside! The look on Tim's face is priceless!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Dexter! He'll learn soon enough (I hope).

litanyofbritt said...

how come on one says "poor britt and her couch and floor and blankets"? dexter IS pretty cool though, except for all the incontinence. (OH THE INCONTINENCE!)
tell tim i hope the hair grows back in his noogie spot

Judi said...

I hope you can get that problem corrected easily. Thats not a very nice problem to deal with. Maybe your vet can give you more insight on that.

YOu sure do have a busy day...enjoy the concert and continue with your school ending countdown...I can just see your big smile already.

have a lovely day

jeanne said...

Hello Dawn, I am laughing at the dog pee incidents. I'll be sorry because we are getting a poodle in the fall. I know I will be cleaning up pee etc. Tim and Dexter look adorable together. Hope the concert is a hit.


Smilingsal said...

That's the big tragedy about dogs. Some never do get completely housebroken. Ah well.

Darlene said...

Cute picture! That is the WORST part about a puppy...getting them house-broken!