Monday, June 05, 2006

Family Fun Night

Tonight was family fun night at school. I put in a 12 hour day and boy am I tired. I am glad that I stayed for the event. It was fun seeing all the families and I got to take pictures of the event. Our PTA put it on and it was just the perfect weather for it. There were activities in the gym and outside of the school. The big hits were the face painting, and the pizza. The lines for each were pretty long!

Water balloons was pretty fun too! Unfortunately we ran out of water balloons too early!

Timmy seemed to enjoy the pizza the best! It was so good that we ran out and had to order more!

I love this picture of the pizza with the side of, that's one happy family eating tonight :).

I think the PTA raised a good chunk of money. I will be curious to see what was raised.

take care,

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debi said...

Good morning, Dawn!
Sounds like you all had a great time at family fun night! I love that photo of Timmy...too cute!