Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The story of Beasley and Bluesy

Three years ago when Timmy was sick and in the hospital he was given a TY plush toy, Beasely. He became very attached to this dog, so much so that Christmas of that year he asked Santa for a brother for "Stuffy" (what he named his dog). Santa pulled through (what a guy!) and Timmy got "Fluffy". A year later he asked for yet another brother and again Santa pulled through and "Scruffy" joined our family. To this day they go every where with him still! He loves those dogs!

For Easter this past year Mackenzie received Bluesy the cat (kind of an odd name choice for a pink cat). Brittainy tells me that she LOVES her cat. Bluesy is in desperate need of a bath but Mackenzie can't seem to part with it. Being the good grandmother that I am I ordered two more on line so Mackenzie can always have a back up.

Now unlike Stuffy, Fluffy and Scruffy, I believe Mackenzie will only be aware of one Bluesy. The extras should arrive any day in the mail.

Oh what we don't do for our children...and grandchildren :)

take care,


Oscar T. Grouch said...

Having spares of the favorite stuffed friends is a lifesaver. The person that gave me that tip when DD was a baby should be exalted for it. Pooh has two substitutes and since he is five years old now all are quite worn.
DS Pokey also a ty, has two sub's as well. He is not yet aware of them at age three.

Cute cute cute kid and grandkid.

debi said...

Isn't that the truth about what mommies and grandmas will do?!! My sweet mom is true blessing of a grammy, just like you Dawn! She made each of the kiddos baby afghans. For both Annie and Max, these afghans became their "must have"s. Anyway, when Annie was young, she called this afghan "Grammy's blankie", and it went EVERYWHERE with us. When she was 2, we made a trip to Oklahoma. Rich was going to grad school in Memphis at the time and had to travel to Oklahoma to do parts of his DNA analysis. So this one time, Annie and I decided to go with him. And wouldn't you know it, when we checked out of the hotel, we somehow left Grammy's blankie behind. Of course, it didn't take long for that grave mistake to be uncovered. We went back to the hotel and had someone check for us, but it was nowhere to be found. I'm sure you can imagine what a complete and total travesty this was. As luck would have it, we were heading up to PA for a party for my Grandpa that very weekend after stopping back in Memphis to repack. I let my mom know what had happened, so she went right out and searched all over town for the particular yarn she had used. Then she crocheted her heart out to have it done by the time we got there (she literally stayed up all night the second night--my brother came over to keep her company). And poor Annie only had to be without Grammy's blankie for 3 days. Don't think she knows to this day that Grammy's blankie is a clever imposter.
Yep, Grandma's are a wonderful thing! Mackenzie's lucky to have you!