Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, It's certainly been a while

I finished school last week. What a long couple of weeks the last few where. I spent every day afters chool cleaning and packing my room up for the summer. The custodians take out all the furniture, mop, wax and shampoo the carpets over the summer. It takes me about 2 weeks to put everything back LOL! I only do a little at a time.I am so happy to be home for the summer! It's great having the time off! Unfortunately I spent the first weekend home sick!!!

Then when I finally feel up to getting out of bed my internet didn't work. I have some major work to have done outside of the house. The cable underground is shot and they are going to have to burrow under our NEW driveway to replace it. Before that can happen DIG SAFE has to come! Right now I have a temporary fix until the work can be completed in the next couple of weeks.I am doing my best holding off turning the AC on in the house. It's just too stinkin' expensive! My bill is so high in the summer. The first night that I can't sleep because it's so hot you can bet it will be going on and then I'll be back here complaining how much it cost me LOL!I will certainly try to update more often for the few of you who actually read this LOL!

Take care

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debi said...

Oh Dawn! What a lousy, lousy start to your summer break! Just doesn't seem right girl! But let's hope that only means things are bound to get better!!!