Sunday, February 04, 2007

I told you so!

Poor Timmy was in so much pain the other night. His throat hurt him. He had no fever, no trouble swallowing but was complaining about how dry it was and was talking funny. I spent yesterday giving him Tylenol and water, water, water. Last night I dug out the humidifier and put it in his room. He thought it was broken because nothing was happening. I told him it would take a while to warm up and to NOT PUT HIS HAND near the steam or he would burn himself. I was watching TV in bed last night and I kept hearing him run to the bathroom. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he put his hand over the steam and burned himself. He was running to the bathroom to keep cold water on it. I ended up giving him an ice pack to hold on it. What I really wanted to say was I TOLD YOU SO! I think he'll keep his hand away from the steam tonight!!
take care,


debi said...

Poor Timmy! It is sooooo dang hard to bite your tongue with the "I told you so"s, isn't it? Sometimes I wonder if my monkeys will ever come to believe that I might actually know what I talking about.

marianne said...

oh, poor little guy! Why do they always have to find out the hard way? The time really does come when they realize that mom really does know stuff.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I hope he is doing better! He is TOO CUTE to be sick!

Anonymous said...

hehe. i would've put my hand there too. i think i actually have. recently. but now kenz has a cool mist one that doesnt burn. does tim feel better?