Friday, February 23, 2007

What a wasted vacation!!!

My week long vacation from school started last weekend. Saturday I took a little nap, woke up with a fever and spent four days in bed. I was so sick!! I am sure it had something to do with being in a classroom where children were throwing up all week long! I think I had a child throw up every day last week in the room! I sort of wish the school would give me those four days back. I had such big plans for what I wanted to get done and I lost all that time. It wasn't until yesterday that I started feeling like my old self again.
I wanted to make a dent on the toy disaster in the basement. It looks like that will be waiting until April vacation!

I have spent HOURS today cleaning and organizing my scrapbook room. I hope to be done with it tomorrow.
I was able to finish the book the OT'ers at 2P's are reading. I am just waiting for everyone to be finished to start our discussion. We read The Time Traveler's Wife. I really enjoyed it!
Well back to cleaning. Just checking in for those that read here :)
take care,

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debi said...

Oh Dawn...I am soooo sorry! That is simply NOT FAIR!!!!
But I'm glad you're feeling better now!
I've read a few places how good that book is...just might have to check it out. (If I ever finish the book I've been reading since September, that is.)
Enjoy your last day of break!