Thursday, August 09, 2007

My morning surprise!

On the last day of school two of my students (they are twins) each gave me a hibiscus plant. I put them in the little garden bed off the deck. This morning when I woke up I went out to water the back yard and noticed two HUGE flowers. One of the plants has bloomed. It still has quite a few buds on it and the other one is about a week or two behind. I'm expecting that to bloom next week sometime.

Thank you Mackenzie and Rachel for such a pretty plant with beautiful flowers!!!

take care,


Beverly said...

Ooh, so pretty. And, I am loving the color.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I *love* hibiscus. We get some HUGE ones down here! WDW plants them all over the place too. Enormous. And all sorts of gorgeous colors.

ingrid said...

Very, very pretty and how sweet of the girls (and their mom!)

Debi said...

Ooooo...that is beautiful!