Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still shopping!

I picked Brittainy and Mackenzie up today and headed out to Staples to hit more of their school supplies sales. I bought some crayons, notebooks, and markers. Then we headed to Toys R Us to buy some watercolor paints. While we were at Toys R Us Mackenzie got a My Little Pony. Timmy used some money he had to buy some Star Wars toys. He has been forbidden to buy anymore toys until after his birthday next month! I took everyone to lunch at The Old Country Buffet. Timmy didn't like anything. Mackenzie liked it all LOL!

I stooped at another local store and picked up a few more things and then brought them right to school so I wouldn't have to store it at home for the next couple of weeks.

I think I need to add school supplies to the list of things that I hoard!!!

take care,


ingrid said...

I think with all of the school/office supplies you have, you could open up your own little shop :)
Sounds like you had a nice day with everyone (how was that non-beach day traffic?)
I took the girls to OCB 2 weeks ago and I am always shocked at how much they can eat when we are there!

Beverly said...

Thank God for wonderful teachers like you. I know your parents must adore you.

With a son and grandson, I have had many Star Wars toys in my life. But, My Little Pony sounds like good girlie fun.