Friday, August 10, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

I don't know what is up with Timmy! On Monday he asked/begged to sleep on the couch. It's summer. There was no school the next day so I let him. On Tuesday he asked to sleep on the sofa bed here in my computer room. I let him! On Wednesday he wanted to sleep with us. He's just getting too big and the three of us in the same bed all night is very uncomfortable so the answer was no! Then he asked if he could sleep on the floor. Again, no. But...I remembered this little foam chair that opens up to a bed. He slept on that right next to my side of the bed on Wednesday night. Thursday night the same. It just reminded me of when his bassinet used to be there!! I think I was feeling a bit nostalgic! Maybe it's because in less than a month he'll be 9 and the time is just going too fast. I don't think he'll want to be sleeping in our room with us much longer, though he assures me that even when he's in high school he will! Maybe I should save this post to remind him of that in 6 years LOL! Tonight, it's back to his own room and his own bed!!

take care,


Anonymous said...

i will tease him about this mercilessly when he is in high school. although mackenzie will probably still be in my bed and i will have severe scoliosis as a result.
~britt (duh)

ingrid said...

He looks perfectly content to me! :)
Oh, how sad it will be when he's grown and on his own. Though, who knows, maybe he and his future wife will both move into your room :wink: Do they make those fold out chairs in a 'double size'? :)

Debi said...

Well, it looks like a mighty comfortable set-up there...I'm not sure I'd want to go back to my bed either!