Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Jolly Captain

Along a major road on Cape Cod, overlooking the Bass River bridge stands this Jolly Captain.  He has been there ever since I can remember.  The Jolly Captain used to be a motel and as many have done in the past it became condos.
 After traveling, when I see the Captain ,I know that it is not much longer before I am home.  My daughter's aunt came for a visit this past summer and took this picture of the Captain.  Now, in the summer time, what usually takes three minutes or so to drive by any other season, could be up to a 20 minute standstill with all the traffic.

This past month we had a bit of a storm and sadly the Captain did not fare well.  While Tim was in Truro, Rich and I took a little drive to see what damage the storm did.

The poor fellow lost his head in the storm!  He also took a bit of a beating. 
He is such a icon along Rt. 28  that I really hope he is repaired.  I would hate to see him go the way of so many memories of my childhood.

Just a mile or so down the road from the Captain used to be a motel that had a statue of a man in a black suit.  This man would tip his hat as you drove by.  I can't tell the excitement my sister and I used to have seeing it.  That man has long disappeared and all that remains are the run down motel sitting on a barren cement slab.

Britt, in her own humor, decided to photoshop the picture and added Jack to the Captain's body.  He doesn't look too happy about the situation does he?

take care,


Becky said...

Great story about the Captain. The picture is hilarious!

Beverly said...

Ah, poor Captain. Not only did he have to endure beheading, now he has to stand there and let everyone see his plight.

I agree with you, and sure hope they repair this fellow.

Maybe Jack is scared that he is next. ;-)

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I hate to see any old landmark lost. We used to have a Kip's Big Boy, with the Big Boy out if front, bigger than life. It's been gone for decades, but I think of it each time we pass that site.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Dawn; Oh the poor Captain,,, I wonder what happened to his head,,, and where it went....hmmmmm just wondering... I hope they keep him too,,some are way to fast to get rid of the past.... And I am so loving the Captain with little Jacks head... loloolol so adorable,,, love it... hope she kept it to show him when he is older..... hehehehe
Happy Easter...


jeanne said...

Hi Dawn, I should be in bed but Beverly said you were blogging again and I wanted to tell you I am glad and that I have missed you. this is quite sad and funny too. Poor little Jack he does not look happy. smile.
I hate to see the old business going bad. time sure changes our lives when we see things like that. Old landmarks are important to us. We just lost a wonderful old home of 100 years to a fire. It was all stone and so neat. Not any more.

I must hit the hay as they say. Bill has hollered at me five times with a time report. HA!. He and Cheri' have already gone to bed.

Take care and keep up the blogging.
Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Oh no What will we do without that Jolly Captain to greet us when we arrive on our vacation. Poor fella. We had a giant man here in front of one of the big car dealerships and when it closed years ago, a motel in another town bought it. Now when you get off the mass pike in Chicopee, he stands there to greet you. I still miss him in his old spot. We are such visual creaturs. Darrell

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Oh its so nice to see you here. That would be too bad if they didn’t fix that guy up there. He does look good with Jack’s head on his shoulder although he’s not very happy.
I hope you had a Happy Easter with your family. Hopefully your weather has been nice too. Ours has been so amazing. I don’t know what “we” did to deserve it but we are so grateful for a gentle winter and early spring.
Have a great day

jeanne said...

Hi Dawn, I am back just to say hello. I scrolled down to see your other posts since the headless captain has not gone away. HA!

My house is dusty too. I hate it whn the sun shines in my big windows and show every spec. LOL. Dusting is only a short fix. sigh.
I love Idol and they are all good. I am so glad Mike was saved. What will happen next?

Can you believe your school year is counting down already? I want to stop more often and smell the roses.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Okay, Grandma. It is way past time to help poor Jack. He isn't happy up there.

Is this the week you are off, or is it next week?

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

jeanne said...

Hello Dawn, Beverly told me you are home on spring break. Yippee. Then she said you hurt your back. Bummer!!! I hope you fell better soon. I bet you feel as bad as your beheaded captain. HA!

Sending you get well wishes Dawn.
Hugs, Jeanne

JEANNE said...

Hi Dawn, if you read this comment today would you do me a favor and comment on my post today. It is my grandsons 13th birthday and I did a special post about him. You know how boys are, he will be looking for comments. Friday is usually a slow day for comments. Go figure. I'm doing the grandma thing today. BIG smile.
Thanks so much. I hope you are feeling better by now.
Hugs, Jeanne

Neabear said...

It has been awhile since you posted this one soooo....did Caption Jolly get fixed after that storm? We have had lots of rain this year. I think more is coming. Very unusual for us. It feels like Spring has not been here much.