Monday, July 05, 2010

School's out

It was just over a week ago that we had our final day of school. We started late this past school year (right after Labor Day) and didn't finish school until the 25th of June. It is a tradition at our school that on the last day of school all of the teachers wait out with the buses and blow bubbles.

It seems like the last day of school takes forever for the buses to pull out.  I remember one year a teacher forgot to pass out her report cards so we waited until she visited all the buses to pass out the cards.

Us old lady mature teachers usually do the revised "queen wave".  That is to say we hold our saggy underarm skin and give our wave.  The buses pull out slowly all beeping their horns  until they reach the street.  We have in the past sung various goodbye songs, like Na Na Na Na Good bye and See You in September.

Every year seems to be harder and harder for Tim.  He leaves the Elementary School this year and heads next door to the Middle School.  He will be a 6th grader in the fall.  This year he absolutely loved his teacher.  The poor boy couldn't stop crying!  A few days before school ended he told me that his teacher was the best in the school.  He hoped that I understood how she surpassed me!

I always take Tim out to lunch on the last day since it is a half day of school for the kids.  We made our annual trip to A&W for burgers and root beer.  Speaking of root beer, Tim asked me today if you could get drunk on root beer.  When  I told him no he asked why it was called beer then.  Any insight on that would be appreciated!  :)

The Monday after school ended I was back at school writing a grant with some fellow teachers. Then last Friday I was back again for a workshop.  I have this week off from "school related" activities, but I'll be back all of next week.

Let's see what summer vacation brings me this year.

take care,


Kim's Treasures said...

Welcome back! Enjoy your vacation!

Neabear said...

I hope you enjoy your summer! I am not sure why it is called root beer. I also have apple beer, but it is not real beer either. Fun post. I can just see you gals doing the "Queen Wave"! LOL! Hope to see you more often.


Lorrie said...

Great to see a post from you Dawn--I hope that your summer is off to a great start. Hard to believe Tim will be in middle school.

Love the modified Queen Elizabeth wave!

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Its so nice to see you...I was surprised. How lucky you are now to be off for the summer. I hope it'll be a very special one for you.

I can well imagine how traumatic it is for all the children who won't be seeing their teachers all through the summer...or maybe not again after being so close and working all year....I hope Tim has a really good teacher next year too!

I looked up root beer and what I found out was that it was originally made from the sassafran root and it is brewed like I guess it is also made in a keg. That is a nice tradition you share with Tim.

have a lovely day!

Beverly said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad I am sitting. Hip! Hip! Hooray! It's my buddy, Dawn - front and center.

And, just look how pretty your blog looks. You remembered where it was.

And, look at your new picture of your skinny self. You look fantastic!!!

Na Na Na Na WooHoo! Dawn's back!!!♥♥♥

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Dawn; So happy to see you blogging again,,,, kids may be out for the summer but it doesn't sound like you are yet,,,,hehe have a great summer vacation,,,, looking forward to more posting from you...


SmilingSally said...

Ah, so now I understand. All you need to get you posting is TIME!

It seems impossible to read that Tim is now out of elementary school!

Have a great week, Dawn.

JEANNE said...

Hello Dawn, I went to an auction with my sister and I was so excited about the things I bought I am just now sitting down to look at my post since this morning.OMG it is 12:30 already.I will post my goodies another day.

The first thing I noticed was a photo of you with longer hair and so pretty. I saw Beverly's comment that says you lost weight. You go girl. You look fantastic.

The last day of school has to be a huge relief for you. Love the photo of the children waving goodbye. The bubbles are a great idea and so much fun for the kids.

I want to see a recent photo of Tim and your grands. They change so much co fast. Poor Tim, he is a softie and there is nothing wrong with that. Sensitive men are much more tuned into their wives and that is a good thing. He will love 6th grade but it will be a lot different in middle school. Lets hope he doesn't get a mean teacher. They are out there.

I really have missed you Dawn. Welcome back.
Hugs, Jeanne

Darlene said...

Morning Dawn,

Glad you all finally got out of school to start your summer. Truthfully, I wish our schools stayed in longer and started back later. We start back on August 18th and it is SCORCHING hot then!

Tim sounds so sweet. This is the first year Lexi didn't cry. She did LOVE a couple of her teachers but not the others. I think she is just really excited to be going to middle school. It is in a whole different area than the elementary.

I think you teachers have a great tradition of blowing the bubbles and waving to the kids on the busses. What FUN!!!

Debi said...

I hope your summer allows you to sneak in plenty of relaxing, Dawn!!! You certainly deserve it, even if you have been surpassed as the best teacher in the school (that cracked me up!).

BTW, I'm still blogging--I just moved. If you want to drop by, I'm here:

litanyofbritt said...

YAY! Long time no blog. I love the pic of the kids reaching out of the bus for the bubbles.