Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh how yummy!

Well, Tim made our dinner on Sunday and I have to say it was quite good! He made the Beef Roulade and the Chocolate Delight dessert in the crock pot. I have several crock pots and we had two of them working on Sunday.

Here is the Beef Roulade after it came out of the crock pot.  I showed Tim how to make gravy with the juices. 

He chose baked potatoes and green beans to go along with the dinner.  It really was very good.  Rich even said he'd like to have it again. 

The dessert.  Here are the ingredients Tim used.

 He mixed it all together in the crock pot.

And here is the final product with some vanilla ice cream on top.

I don't think I would hesitate in giving Tim the cook book to pick something else to make for us. 

Oh, and don't forget to vote for Brittainy's blog.  See the post below for more information.

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Beverly said...

Kudos to Tim and his teacher mom. This does look delicious, and Tim is a very cute cook.

I wouldn't mind an invite for the next cooking adventure.

I voted for Brittainy. That girl is a hoot.

vintage girl at heart said...

Wow!! It all looks so delish!!!
Talented young man...who did the dishes??:)))