Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Morning at the Beach

Last week Britt took Tim with her to the beach down the street from our house.  She packed up her kids, picked up Tim and spent about four hours there.  She told me that you need to get there early or the parking lot fills up and you can't get a place to park.  They were just about the first people at the beach that day.  Lucky for me I gave her my camera to take so I would have copies of pictures of the day.

Here's a close up of Jack.  He is getting so big and talks so well that I forget he is only 2 1/2.

Isn't he cute?

Mackenzie is getting quite grown up as well.  She will be five in September!

Here's a picture of Tim.  You can't tell from the picture but he is getting so tall!  I'm 5'5" and he is about three inches shorter than me.

And here is me!  I joined weight watchers at the end of February and have lost about 40 pounds.  I'm still working on the rest.  :)

There is a little update of pictures of the family.

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Lorrie said...

Hi Dawn--Tim, Mackenzie and Jack have all grown so much. Time really flies, doesn't it? I'm glad they got a day at the beach.

Good for you for joining Weight Watcher's. You look fabulous and I bet you feel great too. I hope it isn't long before you reach your goal.

Debi said...

Holy moly...I cannot get over how big all the kids have gotten! Seems like just last week that Jack was born. But each one of them is just as cute as ever! :D

And Dawn, what a gorgeous picture of you! (I noticed it yesterday on your profile picture and almost mentioned it then.) Good for you on the weight loss! Maybe you'll motivate me...goodness knows I need some motivation.

Kim's Treasures said...

The kids are growing so fast! Looked like a fun day for them!

Congrats on the weight loss! I have lost 20 in 2 years and still have 5-8 to go. It takes me forever to lose a pound due to my thyrod issues. You are doing awesome! Keep up the good work to reach your goal!

Tracy said...

Hi, Dawn! WOW--Look at look fantastic! Congrats on your Weight Watchers success. Hope you keep reaching for your goal. So glad you visited me so I could stop in and and see that you have been blogging sometimes... LOL! Hope you have a wonderful summer break. Looks like the kiddies here have a head start... too cute! Thank you for stopping by my photos blog today--it was great to see you there! I must apologize for not being here lately So much happening for a while now. My father had a heart attack (he is alive and doing better now, but I've never been so scared ever!), a busy summer of home matters: de-cluttering, having another go at growing veggies, and before summer's end I will be closing my jewelry shop/online business, and now I have a cold & bronchitis... Never a dull moment... LOL! Happy Summer :o) ((HUGS))

Beverly said...

You know I love pictures of your cuties. Gosh, that Jack looks just like you, Tim and his mother. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.

You look fantastic. Is your hair a new color? Love it!

JEANNE said...

Hi Dawn, it is late but we are up watching American Pickers. I love your family update. I can't believe haw much Jack has grown. He is more than cute, he is adorable. MacKenzie is as cute as ever. Tim is such a handsome boy. They grow fast and time flies by. Before you know it they are grown. Enjoy them every moment you can. Dawn you look so pretty and losing 40 pounds is awesome. You go girl. I have joined WW many times and never stick to it. I am proud of you. I am loving seeing you post again.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Hugs, Jeanne