Friday, July 09, 2010

I have a set of these casserole dishes that belonged to my grandmother.  I use them all the time and each time I do I think of her.  I remember going to her house and having holiday meals and she would use them.  I am reminded of how my grandmother used to have carrots, my favorites, in one of these dishes.  They would be oh so hot and swimming in butter.  I also think of here when I make butternut squash and mix it with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter and bake it for Thanksgiving dinner.  I use the bigger one to cook stuffing and more often, Shepperd's pie.  These casserole dishes are very sentimental to me.

Last night Rich was putting something away and broke almost everyone of them. I am so very sad!!!  I know that they are only things but they are the things that remind me of my "Nana".  I suppose now I am going to have to be on the hunt to find replacements.  I feel as blue as the cornflower design!

take care,


Kim's Treasures said...

OHHHH Dawn, say it isn't soooo! I'm soooo sorry! You can find them a the thrift stores but that pattern is a little pricey sometimes (sometimes you get lucky) because it is a vintage pattern. I'm sooo sorry for your loss (the dishes) fortunately you still have the memories!

JEANNE said...

Dawn, I am so sorry about the casserole dishes. I know how sad it is to have something special broken. I too have suffered that feeling by my own hand. Yep I broke more then one precious dish. sigh.

Speaking of hands, your nieces hand looks terrible. worse than terrible. I recently burned my wrist with HOT liquid too. It was terribly painful and it was not like the picture of your nieces poor hand. It took a LONG time to heal. Deep burns are bad and she must be careful not to get her hand infected. I used lots of antibiotic ointment when the blisters burst.

About your dishes. I often see that pattern in thrift stores. Keep looking.

Love ya, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Ah, I am blue for you and with you. Get busy and find the replacements. I am certain your grandmother would want that.

I'm sending you a big hug.

~Deborah~ said...

Oh no!! I've had a set of that Corning Ware for years and years. Last time my daughter was here from Virginia she took them home with her. Guess she has memories about them too. I hope you find more!

Deborah in NC

JEANNE said...

Hi Dawn, Just sayin good morning and having a cup of coffee.

Enjoy your day.
Love ya, Jeanne

Lorrie said...

Oh Dawn, I'm so sorry about your broken casserole dishes. I have a couple of the cornflower pattern that were given to me as wedding gifts and have been used on holidays and for daily use for over 30 years. They have great sentimental value to me. I hope that you can find replacements. I know I've seen that pattern and yard sales and in second-hand shops too.

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Ohhhhh dearrrr I can just imagine how you are feeling. How sad is that. I remember that pattern and wish I still had mine.. I hope they weren't all broken and that you can replace them although it'll be different because they weren't your original ones.
Oh boo..
hope you had a good evening