Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let them eat...STEAK

My son Tim is a typical 11 (almost 12 :) ) year old boy.  He loves Star Wars, Legos, playing with guns (much to my dismay!) and crude humor LOL!  But, he also loves watching the Travel Channel and the "food" shows.  His favorites are Man vs. Food and Good Eats.

I think it was while watching on of these he was intrigued with a recipe for flank steak.  He asked to look through some of my cookbooks so I showed him where they were.  He found a recipe for Beef  Roulade  made in the crock pot.  He also found another crock pot recipe for a hot chocolate cake like dessert.

Today is the big day.  He is making this for dinner for us.  I went to the store yesterday and picked up all of the ingredients and he will be making the meal (baked potatoes included) and dessert.

I am excited that he has an interest in learning to cook.  All Rich can cook are burgers on the grill and shake and bake pork chops or chicken.  I would love to see Tim know how to cook for himself when he is old enough to be out of the house and on his own.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll get a thank you from his wife, who won't be the only one in the family to do the cooking!

I'll let you know tomorrow how the dinner turned out.

take care,


Beverly said...

You go, Tim. This is great news, Dawn. My son is a great cook, and he teaches my grandson, too. My father was a great cook. My husband is an easy cook. He will never go hungry because he can always come up with something.

Be sure to take pictures of this first for Tim.

Becky said...

Sounds yummy to me! Maybe he will have his own TV show like those men!

Lorrie said...

I think this is terrific Dawn. The menu sounds delicious--I can't wait to hear how it went!

Tracy said...

That is soooo sweet, Dawn! Do let us know how the BIG dinner turned out. A young chef in the making perhaps? hhhmmm... I love Good Eats--fab show! Happy Days ((HUGS))

SmilingSally said...

I have a soon-to-be twelve-year-old grandson who also loves Legos. I sure wish he'd learn to cook!