Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My busy week

Yesterday I started a week's worth of school work.  The kindergarten teachers are meeting for four days to begin math curriculum mapping and revising our standards based report cards.  I know, I know...I live a wild and crazy life LOL!

I am getting paid for this time (and some time I am putting in next week) so I was thinking of using the money to buy a laptop for Tim.  I am selfish and don't like to always share mine LOL!  My desktop is on it's last leg I am afraid.  It over heats and shuts down a lot.  I'm sure he'll be needed to write reports and do research and it should get him through the three years that he will be there.  I use mine all the time so it will be hard to share.

On another note I got brave the other day and looked in the cabinet to see just how much of my corning ware was broken.  The big ones survived and I think I have three to replace.  Not bad.  I can live with that.  When I get a minute I am going to go online to see what I can find.

take care,


Lorrie said...

Good luck with the curriculum planning Dawn. I know Tim would love a laptop, and it really is hard a lot of the time to have to share when several people use a computer for school/work.

Beverly said...

Ah, you're a nice mother. I might get in that line - if you are in a laptop buying mood.♥

SmilingSally said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the broken corning ware, Dawn. I have one piece without a top, or I'd send you some.

Cottage Rose said...

OH Dawn I am so sorry about your dishes,,, I bet Rich feels just as bad..... so you are still in School huh,,,,, at least you get paid for it,, and your Tim will get his own laptop,,, how excited he will be..Now don't work too long and get some Summer fun time in young Lady.....lol
have a great week.


Becky said...

So sad to hear about your dishes. You might look at thrift stores, yard sales, Goodwill or Salvation Army. I always find nice stuff at Goodwill. I also buy stuff from Ebay if the price and shipping are the right. Good idea about the laptop!

JEANNE said...

Hi Dawn, Still working is a bummer but the money is a good thing. If I had kids and had to share my commuter I would not like it very much. I think getting Tim a lap top is a good idea. It might save you a lot of hassle.

I'm glad some of your corning ware survived. I hope you can find the broken pieces to complete your missing ones.

We are going on vacation for a week so I will see you when we return. Don't work to hard.
Love ya, Jeanne