Monday, October 09, 2006

Aren't they cute?

I know, I know I am not posting enough. I just don't have too much happening in my life to write about. School is keeping me VERY BUSY. I promised my friend Beverly that I would update my blog. So here goes.

Today Mackenzie came over to play in the yard a bit. Timmy and she had fun with the ball and some of the old toys that Timmy hasn't been able to part with yet. :) Mackenzie adores her uncle Tim and he feels the same way about her.

Yesterday Mackenzie, Britt and Jay went apple picking and brought some apples back to us. Tonight I am making some apple crisp to have after dinner. I love the smell of fall and "fall" foods. The weather is just a bit warm for my idea of fall but it's still lovely out.

I have had an awful headache all day. I am hoping it's an allergy related headache and the Allegra I took will help it go away. I was really hoping to get more done around the house but I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Only one day of my three day weekend felt productive. I feel like I wasted my time at home.

Well, friends I told you I was boring :)

take care,


Anonymous said...

omg that is a great pictures. our kids are the cutest in the universe. hehe.

debi said... most definitely not boring! So glad you're back. Love hearing what's going on in your life!

That picture is soooo adorable! How sweet that they have such a close relationship...I bet they are just priceless to watch together.

I am a huge fan of fall, too! And you've got me drooling crisp is my absolute favorite dessert! Now I might have to go see if I can get enough decent apples off of our tree to make some myself. I think there's even some vanilla ice cream in the fridge to top it off. And you're glorious a day as yesterday was, it didn't seem like fall. And the snow showers we're supposed to get on Friday are heading way too far in the other direction!

Hope you're feeling better! And though I certainly understand what you mean about feeling like you have nothing to say, I do hope you pop in more often! Like I said, I love keeping up with your daily "stuff".

Beverly said...

Dawn, you are the best. This is a wonderful update, and the picture is priceless.

And, just so you'll know, I have never had apple crisp. Is it kind of like a cobbler?

You're so good.

Nancy James said...

very sweet pic!

kenzie said...

damn i'm cute!