Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The beginning of number 9.

Today after school I went to the dentist to begin the first stage on my ninth crown...yes, I said 9! Three are due to falling off my bike when I was 12. The rest are age and poor dental care when I was a kid. Because the first crowns were done when I was 12 (33 years ago) they needed to be redone.

I am still feeling the effects of the novacane. You know that feeling that you have had a stroke and feeling like your lip is three sizes it normal size. Friday I go back for the second step in the process.

I joke with my dentist. I tell him that I believe he is cursing my teeth. Once I think I have everything taken care of another tooth breaks.

I remember when I was a child my mother would have me write 10, 15, 25 times (depending on the infraction) I WILL BRUSH MY TEETH EVERY DAY! (picture Bart Simpson at the chalkboard here LOL!). I should have listened to my mother better!

I expect to be the only elderly lady in the nursing home without dentures :)

Take care,



debi said...

OMG, Dawn! My heart goes out to you! That is like my biggest nightmare come true! (I'm one of those truly terrified of dentistry...shaking, nauseated, tears ready to burst forth...types.) Hope it's all over soon!

Nancy James said...

oh Dawn I am sorry. I have 5 myself. My dentist told me a few years back that about every twenty years we have to go thru a total rehaul on our mouths. Maybe you are in that phase now? but just think your new mouth should last another 20!!!