Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things that go bump.

I was sitting in my class this afternoon working with a group of children. We were enthusiastically reading Little Me, our first book with more than two words, when the phone rang. My assistant answered the phone and I heard her politely say "she's busy with a lesson now". Then after a few moments of listening she passed me the phone.

It was the school nurse. It seems my son ran into the playground and got a nice goose egg on his head along with a bloody nose! She suggested he go home to rest and take it easy. I brought him to my mother's and headed back to school.

I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice, but here's his poor forehead.

One of the joys of being the mother of a boy!

take care,


Nancy James said...

poor Timmy! I hope he is feeling better!

debi said...

Oh no! Poor Timmy! And poor Mom, too! Hope you're both recovering!