Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh boy, I have fallen behind again!

I have such good intentions of writing on my blog and somehow I can not always find the time or the energy!

Let me see if I can do a quick recap for those that are interested in reading about my boring life LOL!

I spent a good part of one of the weeks working on report cards. They went home on the 16th. While "filling" in the marks isn't so hard, writing the comments takes a lot of time! I am the kind of person who does a "working" draft first and then transfers it all to the official report card.

On Monday I had jury duty! I am one of those people who does not like jury duty. If I were ever on trial I would want someone who was happy to be there to be on my jury, not someone like me. I ended up sitting in the jury room from 8 to 3:15 (with a lunch break of course). We never got called. It was truly one of the most boring days of my life!! Thank goodness they can't call me again for 3 years!

Tuesday morning Timmy woke up sick and ended up staying home from school all week. He's still not back to his old self yet. The fever is gone, but he has an awful cough and has not much of a voice! I stayed home from school with him on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I convinced my mother to change her plans so she could watch him on Friday. I figured I had to make an appearance at school :). The poor boy spent two days on the couch (not like him) resting. His teacher told me several children in his class had been out sick this week.

Today is my day to watch Mackenzie. She just gets cuter by the minute! While she's napping I thought I would try to catch up. Brittainy brought her over the other day to play outside and I snapped a few pictures of her. She is really growing up quickly.

take care,



debi said...

Good heavens, girl, you have been busy! Been missing you!
Poor, poor Timmy! Whatever he got sure is a doozie, huh? Hope he's up and feeling fantastic very soon!
Love that pic of Mackenzie...looks like it belongs in a magazine. She sure is a doll!
Can't wait till you post pics of your knitting projects!
Enjoy your weekend!

debi said...

By the way, I meant to ask...what's the book that's boring you to death?
Take care!