Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Self Control

Take a good look at the picture in my profile! That's the face of someone with NO SELF CONTROL!!!! Tonight I had my stamp club meeting so I headed out with my friend Ingrid. We stopped at Borders and took advantage of the 25% off educator's sale. I bought two knitting books: Stitch and Bitch and Knitting Rules. I also picked up Happy Feet for Timmy. (Ok, I might like it too : )

Then we made a trip to A.C. Moore and I bought some construction paper for Timmy's class, an AMM purple tote and the matching mini tote.
I also picked up quite a few embellishments. To finish the night off we went to our LSS to our stamp club and I bought TONS of stuff there. I have enough supplies to furnish a third world country I think!
I have NO WILL POWER. Good thing tomorrow's knitting club meeting isn't near any stores. I might just have to find another job!!!
take care,


debi said...

Sounds like you had fun though!

marianne said...

But you had fun, didn't you? I think self-control is overated! ;)