Sunday, June 24, 2007

My creating update

Debi asked me to post what I've been creating since I haven't done it in a while. These are the projects I've made since I last posted an update.

The first two are sweater sets for a Bitty Baby. I made one for a little girl I had last year. (Hi Livia!!) to thank her for some things she made for me. The other I made for Shauna (another friend's daughter).
Then I started a baby blanket. I went to a local yarn store to buy the pattern but they wouldn't sell it (give it) to me unless I bought the yarn. I already had the yarn I wanted so I went home and figured the pattern out myself :). A friend of mine told me that her daughter was having a baby this June so I knit the blanket for her. The baby was born on Friday, so my friend picked up the blanket today and is flying to Florida tomorrow to see her daughter and new granddaughter.

I also finished an Irish Hiking scarf that I started a while ago.

Lastly is a sweater that I made for Mackenzie for her birthday. It's a little bit big but it should serve it's purpose this fall and winter :)

I think there is a bit of a pink theme going on here LOL! Now I am working on the mates to two different socks that I made.
take care,


marianne said...

oh my goodness, Dawn, you are so talented!! I love the dolly clothes and that baby blanket is precious. Beautiful work!

btw, good to see you posting again - hope you enjoy your time off. :)

Debi said...

Wow...what a busy, busy gal you've been! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see a picture of Mackenzie wearing that sweater this fall! (Not that I'm trying to rush summer, of course!)

Debi said...

Hi Dawn! I just had to pop back in. Your comment about trying a new recipe and having Timmy cry just had me rolling! It's nice to know my boys aren't the only melodramatic ones out there! LOL

Beverly said...

Nice to see my favorite color. Everything is gorgeous. Miss Mackenzie is going to be a knock out.

Quit torturing Timmy.