Friday, June 22, 2007

There's GOLD in them thar washing machine

I couldn't wait for Rich to come home at lunch time today. I had used the new washer and dryer for the first time today. (Imagine being excited to do laundry!). I did a load of towels and they washed and dried so nicely! Then I did a load of dark clothes. (SIDEBAR: Do you sort your laundry to wash or throw it all in together? I'm a sorter!)

When I took the jeans (etc.) out of the wash, there in the bottom I spotted GOLD!

I told Rich when he stopped home how very fortunate we were to get a washer that spun dirty clothes into gold! He looked a little surprised and asked what kind of I showed him the gold band that I found in the washer.

The funny part was he said it was his wedding ring he lost yesterday. Imagine loosing your wedding ring and not telling your wife!

Rich has this thing about wearing his ring when he works (construction). He said he once heard that a guy lost a finger. I told him I've heard of THOUSANDS who haven't. He still won't wear his ring to work, or to wash dishes, or mow the lawn...well, you get the picture!

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