Thursday, June 21, 2007

My expected delivery

Brittainy and Jay just moved from their apartment to a house this month. They have no washer or dryer so....I gave them my old one and bought this new one. Did you think I was going to say I bought this new one for them? :)
I'm waiting for the delivery men to show up. I've got another three hour window to wait.
I bought this simple washer and dryer because the old ones were Maytag's...nothing fancy, but they served me well. Now, if Brittainy could only get the outlet situation fixed she'd have her dryer running now. My poor impatient daughter has been waiting two whole days now to get it fixed! (a three prong cord with a four prong outlet!)
I selfishly wanted a top loader so I could do felting. I hear it's a bit tricky with a top loader. On Tuesday I did every bit of laundry I had before Rich and Jay took the old ones out.
So here I sit waiting......
take care,

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Debi said...

Hope you enjoy! Always nice to buy a new appliance before the old one actually dies (well, I think it would be,

You need to post some of your recent creations, by the way!