Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green thumb??

My friend Beverly posted about her hydrangea the other day and it made me, oh a little sad, to look at mine. It is just a matter of inches tall and no where near ready to bloom! Every year at school we have secret valentine's. In February of '07 I received this hydrangea from my secret valentine. It had lovely pink flowers on it. I planted it last year hoping it would come back bigger and better. I guess only time will tell.

Speaking of lovely pink plants. These are my azaleas in all of their glory this year. When they are in bloom that are just so lovely!!!

My greatest disappointment is my lilac bushes. I have had them 11 or 12 years and they never bloom!! I have neighbors who all have lilacs (some even in the shade) and I have nothing! Oh, how I long for the smell of fresh cut lilacs in my home. Someday I just going to have to go out and buy a lilac bush and start from scratch, hoping that it will eventually bloom.
take care,


Beverly said...

Aah, I didn't want to make you sad. I think your hydrangea is going to do well. It may be small, but it looks quite healthy. Did you prune it when it died back in the winter? I don't cut mine back.

Your azaleas are glorious. You know I think they are the perfect color.

I don't have any suggestions about your lilacs. I have never seen lilacs except in pictures. Jeanne loves lilacs, too. I guess that the two of you are great minds.

Jeanne said...

Hello Dawn, I'm snatching a moment to thank you for visiting today. When I took those photos of my daughter's house, I wasn't giving a blog post a thought. I could have been more detailed Such is life.

I love lilacs so much, it was my mother's favorite flower. My sister gave us one when we moved here and the first year it did nothing. This year it went crazy. I really did nothing to improve conditions for growing. Who knows. As for your hydrangea, they do take time to have blooms. Don't give up! Your azalea is amazing. Ours are all done here.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Jeanne