Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seperation of Church and State

I wish I could invite you all to join Tim and I for our car rides home from school. There is never a dull moment :)
Tim had a social studies test today and I asked him how he thought he did. With his optimistic smile he said, "great!". Now he can be taking a test on something he knows nothing about, get everything wrong and still think he did great!
Our discussion then ventured to the Constitution and the amendments. Tim told me that he knew what the 8th amendment was and we had a little conversation about some of the amendments.
When I thought we were done he told me that there was an old man who talked to God and wrote 10 more amendments. I told him what he meant to say was commandments and that the old man was Moses.
He always makes me laugh!
take care,


Debi said...

Oh my gosh, Dawn...that is just the cutest story!!! They sure have a way of keeping you smiling, don't they?

Beverly said...

That is so cute, and so is Timmy.

Oops! Are we not allowed to call him Timmy anymore?

kenzie said...

he looks just like you in that picture!!

Jeanne said...

Boys will be boys!
They are so different, thank the Lord. He is so cute and he looks like you.

Love ya! Jeanne