Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2nd Time Around Tuesday

My friend Diane at A Picture is Worth A 1,000 Words is hosting a 2nd Time Around Tuesday.

For Christmas this year I bought my daughter a Kitchen Aid mixer. Before Christmas night was even over she told me that she had made some bread and cookies. She loves it and can't say enough about it. I thought about getting one for myself but after all the money I spent at Christmas I just couldn't justify buying one for myself. I did have a friend offer me her mixer and I enjoyed using that and was thankful for her kindness.

One day a school a couple of weeks ago Britt called me to tell me that she saw the same mixer I had bought for her on Craig's List for $100. I called and ended up buying it. It was brand new and still in the unopened box. The woman I bought it from lived on a road I pass every day to and from school. She said that she had bought it for $399 and ended up not having a place to put it.

Right now it is sitting on my counter. I have used it to make mashed potatoes, beat some eggs and that's about it. Tomorrow I am hoping to make some peanut butter blossom cookies (or boob cookies as my friend Jeanne likes to call them!) and I hope to use it again then.
Britt and I both have talked about getting the ice cream maker attachment for it. I've never bought any thing off of Craig's List before. I am certainly glad I didn't let this offer pass me by.

Please be sure to visit Diane for more 2nd Time Around Tuesday posts.

take care,


jeanne said...

Hi Dawn. I am laughing because I did a trash to treasure post this morning and when I went over to Diane's
post, everything had changed. I quickly changed my format and words to accommodate the change. I noticed on her sidebar that you had just been there too. Did you do the same thing I did? This is too funny.

You found such a bargain. I have always wanted one of those processors. My daughter has one and mixing cookies is a breeze. Can't wait to hear from you this morning. Boob cookies, mmmmm. Smile.


Smilingsal said...

I'm always afraid of things like this--that they'll be broken. Well you certainly showed what a great place to go for a bargain. Good for you.

Beverly said...

I would love a Peanut Butter Blossom cookie. You and Jeanne can eat the boob cookies.

I'll be eating my cookie with my pinkie held high. ;-)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
You got a great deal! I love Craig's list. Only problem is that we don't have a local one.

I checked the NOLA one frequently when my son was there.

Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

Marie said...

a ture bargain. i was thinking about getting myself one at christmas time but, when i saw the price same as the lady told you she paid i just could spend thatkind of money at christmas.hummm should have gone to craig's list. good for you.

ann said...

Yes,I saw what Jeanne wrote,I didn't know there was a change either.I thought spam got my e-mail.Now I don't feel quite so stupid.Thanks Jeanne and Dawn.
And what a deal.I'm wanting a bread maker now myself.And don't you just LOVE Criagslist.I ck it almost daily...Ann

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a deal! I love my kitchenaid...I'd love it a LOT more if I only paid $100 for it. ;o) Happy 2nd Time Around Tuesday!

ellen b said...

Now that was a great bargain you found. I love mine. Enjoy and I'll be over later for those cookies!!


Now that can make for one yummy treasure! Need to hear more about the "boob" cookies...sounds like something they would love here at my house!

Kim's Treasures said...

What a deal!!! Enjoy!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Dawn, you really got a great deal on that! WOW! I'm so happy for you. That's the best mixer made IMO!


Sheila :-)

Beth at Aunties said...

You got a wonderful deal! I have about worn mine out and bought one for all my kids.. I wish I could have found a deal like you got! Good for you!!!

SassyDog said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! You did get a great deal. I do Ebay and have always been happy with my stuff. I missed a great deal on a dog crate on craigslist about a week ago. I will catch up about you on your blog. Don't you just love Nea. You need to check out Neas Nuttiness, she is my very dear friend. Happy Vacation!!!

Shelia said...

Hi Dawn! Oh, how wonderful! And to think it was brand new still in the box! You're the luckiest one! I still use a little cheapo hand mixer! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Lorrie said...

Dawn, I've had a KitchenAid mixer for years--I actually bought it refurbished at an outlet store, and I have absolutely loved it. I can't count the number of times I've used it over the years. It's one of my favorite kitchen appliances. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

Sherri S said...

What a bargain! I might even own one at that price. ENJOY it!

Neabear said...

Boob Cookies????? That I gotta see. Reading Sassydog's comment I thought she was talking about me then I realized she meant Libby over at Neas Nuttiness. pout.....anyway, I am glad you got a laugh out of my post today. Thanks for visiting.