Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday....Baby Love

It is PINK SATURDAY. My friend Beverly of How Sweet The Sound is hosting a PINK SATURDAY . She is probably falling over in her chair because it's been about six months since I've done a pink Saturday. Check out her blog and visit all the PINK posts today.

In just about two weeks my daughter's friend Helen is having a baby. This is Helen's second child. She has an 8½ year old son. Brittainy and Helen have been friends since kindergarten when we lived across the street from them. Helen has hosted both of Britt's baby showers and two weeks ago Britt had a shower for Helen. I made this little sweater and hat for the baby. It is a soft pink with speckles of color. The picture is a bit washed out...sorry about that. There are lots of pregnant teachers at my school. One of the teacher's had her baby a bit early. I bought enough yarn to make the same sweater and hat for her baby.

For more pink posts be sure to visit Beverly.

take care,


Betty Jo said...

Gorgeous! The new mommies will be so happy with your gift.

Happy Pink Saturday! ♥

wanrey said...

just popped in to say hi and I'm new to the group


dana said...

Welcome BACK!! We have missed you!

What a precious gift--lucky the folks who receive your works of art!

Happy Pink Sat.


Lorrie said...

Just beautiful Dawn! I envy you being able to knit--there's just no end to the pretty things you can make!

Beverly said...

It is definitely a good thing that the seat of my chair is so close to the floor. ;-) You know I adore you.

Now Ms. Dawn, I adore that sweater and hat, too. My gosh! It is gorgeous. Why didn't I know you when I had a baby? Maybe I need to buy a baby doll.

Smilingsal said...

Those who know your daughter are fortunate indeed. You do such nice work. I hope you've been enjoying your time off. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

Linens and Laurel said...

They will be thrilled with their gift. So pretty. Happy Pink Saturday. Nancy


Lots of pink love stiches in your adorable set! Happy PS to you!

Anonymous said...

Pink and baby girls go together :) HPS!

ann said...

You made this?,am i impressed .this is awesome looks fabulous...Ann

Mimi said...

Your blog is w♥nderful! Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for sharing this week. It made the cold up here in northern Michigan a little more tolerable :)

What a lovely gift...truly from the heart.

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a beautiful pink sweater Dawn. She will be thrilled.

Llyn M said...

I would SO wear that hat and sweater! In a bigger size, of course!! Happy PS!

Sherri S said...

I am heading to a baby shower today with my daughter. I LOVE the sweater and you made it? WOWZERS! Awesome! I have a little pink something on my blog that I made for the shower today too but not like that! Happy pink.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
It's nice to see you posting again for Pink Saturday!

What a beautiful gift for a new mom. I bet the baby will look adorable! Maybe she will take a picture for you of the baby dressed in it to post!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Dee Light said...

Love the pink! Have a perfectly pink day!

CC said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Teachers and babies, such a cool combination!

Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes
(Newbie to Pink Sat)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to the group and just stopped by to say "Howdy Partner". I'm a tranplant in Texas. Pretty sweater.


SassyDog said...

Love that pink! Been catching up on your blog! I did leave a dog comment for you, let us know what he decides on!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Dawn, lovely sweater you made. Its also good to have you back on Pink Saturdays!
~Ann :)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Hi Dawn!
I think this little set is very sweet :0). I love it!

CC said...

What a beautiful little sweater set. happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

g said...

Hi, Dawn! Good to hear from you again! I love the sweater set - so cozy warm for a little girl.

Have a wonderful time visiting Pinkies - and have a great weekend.

Via Marina- Marina said...

Hi, Dawn! so cute
Happy Pink Saturday!

KatCollects said...

Welcome back pink Saturday. Cute baby things!

Angela said...

How sweet you are to make such a beautiful sweater and hat for your friends! They are truly blessed!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Connie said...

Late this week, chick! But it's about time you came back, ya know....hah

jeanne said...

Hello Dawn, I bet you thought I left town. I have been busy (you won't believe this)getting ready for twenty dinner guests tomorrow. My cousin and her dh are coming to visit from MI and we are having a sort of mini reunion. She lives waaaay up in Northern MI and never gets down here. She is sleeping at my sister's house in back of me but the dinner is here at my request. I know, I must be crazy but my house is set up for a large crowd the best. I am not cooking, well a pie and that's easy. I have the tables all set and that was the hardest part. I can only do so much and then rest. LOL.

Your pink did surprise me today and I adore the sweater and hat. Anyone who is a friend of yours is so lucky Dawn. You are so sweet to be so generous with your wonderful knitting ability. I think the specs of color look so pretty. What a lucky baby girl.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Susan said...

Beautiful sweater...and you made it! wow

Happy Pink Saturday


Kim's Cottage said...

Cute as can be! How lucky you are to be able to knit. Someday I hope to learn.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Debi said...

So beautiful! What a lucky little babe! Man, I wish I could knit like you! I did finish up a scarf for Annie this month...but we're talking as basic as can be. One of these days maybe I'll break out of my comfort zone and try something other than a scarf. :)


Happy pink saturday a little the sweater set...and the post of the letter from your son is just adorable...thanks for sharing it!

Deanna said...

Hi Dawn,
sorry for the belated comment, but my laptop crashed this weekend so I'm trying to catch up for Pink Saturday.

That is such a sweet sweater and cap. So delicate and precious!

Deanna :D