Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 1980

Twenty nine years ago today my baby girl was born. That's right, Britt is 29 today. It is hard for me to believe it's been that long. It's even harder to believe that she has two children of her own! I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was a Friday morning and less than an hour after getting to the hospital she was born.
Tim and I stopped by today to wish her a happy birthday and bring her a couple of gifts for her big day. We stayed and had cake with her, Jay and the kids. Mackenzie kept wishing her a happy birthday. Her birthday is the start of all the family birthdays. In the next four weeks, my son, my husband, my niece, my son in law, and my granddaughter all have birthdays! It is a busy time of the year around here!
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SmilingSally said...

I do wish your Brittany a Happy Birthday. She is so fortunate to have you for a mom.

Lorrie said...

Happy Birthday to Brittainy! It is hard to believe how time does fly--and now you're blessed with grandchildren Dawn. We have a birthday season in our house in April and May--we're having parties every time you turn around, and my youngest, Kathleen was born on our anniversary besides!

Shirl said...

Good Morning Dawn, I've not been to visit you for awhile and saw you on Smiling Sallly's blog and thought I'd stop by to say hi! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! Sounds like your going to have a busy month of birthdays! LOL Cute Post!
Have a great week!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday, Brittainy. Twenty-nine years old! Who is your momma? ;-)

I can't believe my son is thirty-three. I don't know who his momma is either.

Dawn, I am so glad to see you two some time away from your farmwork to celebrate. What are you harvesting now?

I posted more pictures of my room if you want to take a look.

Oh, and fyi. Your blog does require word verification.

Judi said...

Happy Birthday to Brittany
I hope she continues to have a very wonderfully happy day! Nice that you have already shared some cake with her!

I hope you are having a really nice day. Hasn't this summer gone quickly? Yikes. Hope your weather has improved also.

jeanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTAINY! I'm sorry this is belated Dawn. I have been down with Shingles. They are on my face. I have posted but hardly visited. And I am not used to you posting. However I am so glad you are. Hurray!!! What a pretty baby, I adore that picture.

Love ya, Jeanne

Neabear said...

This is a very belated Happy Birthday for your daughter as I am very behind in reading blogs. Brittainy was born the same year as my son. He will be 29 in December!