Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tropical Storm Danny

Tropical Storm Danny came to visit this weekend. While the weather wasn't what all the tourists wanted it sure was good for me. I did so much cleaning and organizing this weekend.

I read that on Saturday we got up to five inches of rain. The weather was cool and not fit to be out in...especially if you didn't want to get stuck in that awful summer traffic we get here on the Cape on a rainy day!

Not only did I get things done. I had Tim clean his room (FINALLY!) to my specifications. It took him all day to get it done.

I filed papers and put away a HUGE collection of stuff that I had been putting off. I also threw away three trash bags of things I decided I didn't need to save after all!

I also was able to fit in three movies. I watched Mama Mia, Lakeview Terrace and some really bad horror movie that I can't even remember the name of.

Tomorrow I hope to get into school (provided the custodians aren't waxing the floors) to work on my room some more. Only one more week left until school starts.

take care,


Beverly said...

I am glad you stayed dry and warm while it was wet and windy outside.

I've got my fingers crossed that you can get in your room tomorrow. Don't work too hard.

Becky said...

I would have slept through that kind of weather. You sure got a lot done and your son, too! Have a good week getting ready for school!

jeanne said...

A hearty good morning to you Dawn. I just poured my coffee and thought of you, so I popped right over. Are you having your coffee yet this am or are you sleeping late because you worked so hard cleaning your house and the organization of your trash? BIG smile.

I am painting the great room, the kitchen and the hall Laura Ashley gold #3. It is really warming up these rooms. My great room and country kitchen all blend together. The great room is 20 feet high. LOL. My tall son is going to finish the highest part. The rooms are separated by a tall fireplace wall. Then I am painting the guest room and Bill's office. I have to finish my painting projects before my 70th birthday in Oct. After that I will be way too old to paint. Laughing.

So school hasn't started yet. Good, more time to be ready. I hope the cleaning is done by now.

Have a wonderful day and take in a few more movies. You deserve a rest. Good for Tim. When my kids cleaned,(The Saturday morning Drill, as my kids called it) I would inspect their job and they NEVER passed the first inspection. LOL. Five kids wanting to play, NOT CLEAN! I miss those crazy days Dawn. They grew up so fast. I sure sound like an old fart don't I. LOL.


Lorrie said...

Wow Dawn, it sounds like you got so much accomplished--always a good feeling. Nice that Tim cleaned his room with a little "encouragement" from you. It's amazing the projects that you can get done on a rainy day. Five inches is a lot of rain!

SmilingSally said...

Sometimes it's good to be forced to stay inside. It sounds as if you made the best of it.

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Well it sounds like while Hurricane Danny was doing his job so were you and Tim. That sounds very inspiring. Thats the best kind of weather to be doing things indoors and doesn't it feel good now.

I can't believe you are back to work next week only sounds like yesterday tha....oh dear...where HAS the summer gone.

I hope you have some time for you now and for setting up your classroom...making it cozy for all the little ones coming in...

have a good day