Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school shopping

Today was the day for us. We officially started the back to school shopping for Tim. He starts school on the 8th and he just got a few basics to get started. Some new clothes and shoes! I can't believe he is not quite 11 years old (just two more weeks) and his shoe size is a 7's men's! Holy cow that's a big foot!

I still haven't gotten the school supplies. I was hoping Staples would have the items I need on sale but so far that hasn't happened. I guess I am just going to have to go and spend the full amount.

Tim's had the same LL Bean backpack and lunch box since kindergarten and he'll be starting 5th grade. That is a statement about their quality! I guess next year when he starts middle school I should get him a new bigger on. I think it helps that I drive him to and from school everyday and he really doesn't have to drag his backpack around. We don't live in the same town that I work in (or he goes to school) so the bus isn't an option! He's only ridden the bus home once when he went to a friend's house.

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Tracy said...

LL Bean is fantastic! Their products are true quality and last a long time. Some items seem pricey at first, but worth the investment. I have a pair of Bean slippers I've had for 5 years--still going strong and love them! Back to school shopping... I love back to school time. Hubby & I don't have kids, so we miss out on this bit. But I love seeing all the fresh notebooks, pencil cases, etc. and get a thrill. :o) Good luck with all that shopping! ((HUGS))

Darlene said...

We never really do actual back to school shopping. Lexi just wears the (longer) shorts and tops from the summer because it is always SOOOOO hot here when they are starting back. When we start feeling the chill in the air we then go out and find some jeans that fit cause you never know how much she will "shoot" up in height. She probably won't even need to start wearing any jeans until about the first part of October.

Her first day yesterday, went great and she was quite excited again today.♥

Beverly said...

That is a big foot. What are you feeding that guy? ;-)

He's so cute.

jeanne said...

Hi Dawn, this summer flew by. Especially when we traveled most of it. School already and I bet Tim is ready to go. My grands are looking forward to it so much. Ashley starts high school. LOL. she will be 15 in Oct. Don't you have a Walmart? School supplies should be cheaper there. Good luck!
Love ya, Jeanne

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Oh I remember those back to school shopping times. There is so much to purchase and you become amazed at how much they've grown since they last wore the clothes.

That bag has been a great deal. They are so well made.

It sounds like it works out well driving him to and from school. Thats a good thing.

Hope Staples has their sale soon...
have a great weekend

SmilingSally said...

School is expensive for moms and teachers. You're hit twice!

Neabear said...

I can't believe how early school starts these days! It didn't start until after Labor Day when I was growing up!!