Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aren't these pretty!!! I got these from Britt and I have adorned my front yard with 8 of them. I've always wanted to put these plants out in the fall but never wanted to spend the money. I did buy some mums and pumpkins and put them all together in my front yard. I never got pictures of the full effect.

Tim carved the pumpkin this year by himself. He had full power of the knife! Yes, I was a bit nervous but there wasn't even a scratch! Just the other day Tim asked if he could take the jack-o-lanterns out to the woods to smash them. I think he enjoyed that more!

This past weekend we took down all of the Halloween decorations and started on the Thanksgiving. As long as my plants stay alive they will be out in the front yard, with the cornstalks and mums :)

take care,


Beverly said...

Dawn, they look so pretty. I've always loved these, too. I did plant some one year, but, like you, I have since spared the expense.

I woke up this morning to Mom yelling our names. Somehow something became disconnected on the toilet in the bathroom on the main floor of our home. The floor was standing in water, and it leaked through to the garage ceiling below. Part of that ceiling has fallen all over my car. I'm seeing dollar signs.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I planted some of them last year mixed in with my pansies! It has been so hot here, I haven't done my pots yet!
:) Diane

jeanne said...

Good morning Dawn. I am having my coffee with you today.

Your display looks beautiful. I too have always admired those beautiful ornamental cabbages, but like you, I wouldn't spend the money. Good job Britt!! Very festive.

I laughed when you said Tim carved the pumpkin without help. I watched my grands at our daughter's home carve their pumpkins with dread. They did a great job without a scratch as well. This is the funny part. The next day they smashed those pumpkins and buried them in the side yard. They could have thrown them in the woods, but didn't. They loved the smashed part. Tim is all boy and so cute.

I too have put Halloween away. My ceramic carved pumpkins just get turned around. That works.

Have a happy day.

Hugs, Jeanne

SmilingSally said...

Like you, Dawn, it's Thanksgiving time for decorations. Some Fall decorations naturally blend into Thanksgiving, but I don't understand those who decorate for Christmas. It's too early!

I don't think I've seen these plants before, but I do really like them, especially the one on the left in the second picture. Jeanne called them ornamental cabbages. Pretty.

Lorrie said...

Hi Dawn, love your ornamental cabbages. We plant them in our patio planters here in NC and they last all winter long.

It's so funny how much kids love to smash those pumpkins--they have to get every last bit of fun out of them I guess!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn.. How sweet of her to give those gorgeous flowers to you.. They are so pretty... love the colors... hope you have a great day...


litanyofbritt said...

mom, plant those and they will come back next year!