Monday, February 13, 2006

A Farewell to a Fish

Spongebob went the way of the last fish. After a mere 6 days he left us. The funeral was private and the grieving was kept to a minimal.

Poor Timmy has had three fish die in the last week and a half. I have promised him that we would get a new fish in the next week. We knew SPongebob was on the way out since he hadn't eaten in three days and was getting a white film on his scales.

I think we will start fresh. We'll have a new bowl, marbles; the works! I think the last two have come from a bad batch.

So alas, Spongebob, we bid you a fond farewell!!!

take care,


ingrid said...

So sorry to hear about Spongebob. I hope that Timmy is doing ok. It's hard to lose one fish, let alone 3. You & your family have our condolences. (remind me not to ask you to pet sit for us LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I am so sorry Timmy has lost another fish. This must be a hard time for you as a mom. Our thoughts go to your family, as we lost our dear Goldie (how original I know) when my boys were young. What a growing experience for all of us.


Beverly said...

Goodbye SpongeBob. Now, hopefully on to a healthy fish.

ingrid said...

Dawn, I was tagged by Nancy... (38 Questions) so now I'm tagging you :)
The questions are on my blog :)