Monday, February 20, 2006


Yesterday I got to baby-sit for Mackenzie for a couple of hours. I was a little worried for a while. The last few times I've been to visit her and I picked her up to hold her she just cried and cried. I was beginning to take it personally! You can imagine my apprehension when Brittainy dropped her off. All was good. She didn't cry. We watched a little Elmo and then the Wiggles. Mackenzie turned 5 months old yesterday and I am amazed at how quickly the time is going by! I did manage to get my camera out for a few pictures. Look at those eyes. She just sparkles!!!

Take care,


ingrid said...

She is beautiful! You are a lucky grandma - and she's lucky to have you too!

Beverly said...

The face of a little angel. I know you adore her. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and I can see your banner and pictures today. They are wonderful. I think I must have been defective yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Dawn she is just such a doll! Love that face and what a cute outfit with that hat. I can't beleive 5 months have passed either. Wow, I am glad you had a great grandma day with her.


Nancy said...

she is just too cute!
lucky you!