Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let It Snow!

I was beginning to think that this winter was going to be a let down. Last winter we had one strom with 30" of snow. Finally, we are getting our snow this winter. I woke up to a nice white covering of snow this morning. It is supposed to snow all day. We are supposed to get 12"-18" of snow by nightfall. Timmy made it out for a bit this morning and made a few snow angels on the deck.

Timmy took out some of his toys to play with and enjoyed throwing snowballs at the house. Soon it got to be too cold for him and wanted to come in. At least the snowpants and boots I bought this year didn't go to waste! I was beginning to think I had wasted the money buying them. I'm so glad it snowed. Nothing beats being a kid and having it snow!

take care,


Beverly said...

That Timmy is a cutie. My little guy would love to be playing out there with him.

ingrid said...

I love the picture of Timmy - he's so cute :) So what do you think Dawn, school day/no school day for tomorrow???

Diana said...

Oh we are so jealous!

Can we coome over and play?

Timm looks liek he is having so much fun. Great photos too. Love the look of the snow angel on the top photo...he is an angel right! Ü


Thena said...

Love your snow photos!! Makes me wish for snow!!