Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The countdown begins!

The countdown begins! I have 19 more days of school before my summer vacation begins! I love school but oh do I love the summer off!!!

Besides the actual teaching part of kindergarten we still need to make the incoming class lists, the outgoing class lists, do our budget for next year (the way things are getting cut that doesn't take too long lately!), assessments, report cards, grant writing and packing up the classroom (that is hours worth of work!)
Can you see why I need a break LOL!

take care,


debi said...

I'm so excited for you Dawn! What is your last official day of school for the year? Sounds like you must go pretty far into June here, huh? Not sure of the exact date, but I think the kids go until sometime around June 28th.
Wish Rich got the summer off from teaching too. He gives his last finals for the semester today. But then they have to be graded, grades for the semester have to be calculated, and forms must be filled out to turn the grades in. And he has to get his syllabi and schedules made, etc. for his first summer class which starts on Tuesday. I think he does get the week of July 4th off though, between the two summer sessions. Better than nothing, I guess.

Nancy said...

woo hoo! I am so there with you! :)
trouble is I should be looking for summer work :( I don't wanna!