Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What is that bright ball in the sky????

I saw this bright ball in the sky today and wasn't sure what it was! I have a vague memory of something similar called the ....what was that name....oh yes the sun! It's been 8 days since we've seen it.

This week has been so rainy!!! I don't remember seeing so much rain! Fortunately Cape Cod was spared the flooding that we have seen in the northern part of the state!

The upside, my lawn is nice and green in the front yard and the new grass is coming up in the back (after the recent septic work). I still need to spread some more seed I think!

I also liked the fact that we have had indoor recess at school and I haven't had to do outside recess duty. I've been able to work in the room while the kids played :)

I will admit that it feels great to have the sun out again and I am hoping to see lots of it this weekend. Thanks to Debi for checking in to see if all was well here on the Cape after the recent rains!

take care,

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debi said...

So very relieved to hear you were spared the flooding that your northern neighbors saw! And I'm glad the sunshine is back! Sounds like you all could use some at this point!